The Higher Love Foundation is currently in the process of raising funds to reunite a Family and their children. We are going to reunite a Nicaraguan family in Panama with the children they had to leave behind with family until they obtained legal residency in Panama. They are legal resident, gainfully employed but still suffering due to the absence of their children. We need to raise money for the mother to fly from Panama to Nicaragua to pick the children up. Return tickets for all 3, modest hotel accommodations for the mother and children for a week while she acquires passports for the children, 5 covid 19 tests as per travel requirements, transportation for all things in Nicaragua, multiple visas, birth certificates and document verification by both governments.

And it doesn’t end there, once they get to Panama, the children will need supplies such as beds, clothes, shoes, school supplies, educational toys, etc. and we will help to get them set up here.

Here is a list of some of the immediate expenses:

Children’s flight tickets $660, Mother’s round trip Airfare $680, Hotel $300, covid tests both ways for all $400, Children’s passports $200, transportation to airport $200, to return to airport $200, multiple visas for children $150, travel while in Nicaragua $100, birth certificates $40, there will be also the expense of food and supplies during the week there and as we all know in every country there are unforeseen expenses that almost always come up with extra legal fees, notary fees, fees, fees and more fees…

Once they are back in Panama, there will be the expenses of the children’s basic needs as listed above, to stock the family with food and supplies for the first month of their adjustment, beds for the children. The family will also be searching for a larger apartment in their budget.

We are reaching out for people to HELP US with this mission! Would you please consider helping this family?